A traditional Dundee cake comes from, no surprises, Dundee in Scotland. The cake is distinctive alongside other rich fruit cakes by circles of blanched almonds on the surface of the cake.


There are many versions of the Dundee Cake, all claiming to be 'the one". This cake is as near as I can get to a true, traditional cake as it contains the almonds, whiskey, and the orange peel.


Dundee is also the birthplace of British marmalade thanks to the Keiller family who are generally credited with making the first commercially available, breakfast preserve.  As such, a pure and true Dundee cake will include the zest of an orange thus linking it to the marmalade making in the town. Our recipe includes a little of both and so has quite a citrus tang to it.


As this is also a Scottish cake,  traditionally, a malt whiskey is used to flavor the cake. 

Dundee Cake

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  • This product contains nuts, eggs and gluten.

  • Dundee Cake Ingredients: Plain Wheet Flour (contains gluten), Dark Brown Sugar, Butter, Free Range Egg, Orange zest, Baking Powder, Mixed Spice, Mixed Vine Fruits, Glace Cherries, Scottish Malt Whicky, Almonds.